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Custom bee feed was designed to be a full pollen replacement to allow us to work the channel country and take advantage of the high honey yields during times of little to no pollen in the winter months.

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23rd March 2016

400 hives were taken out to the channel country in a pollen free environment.

We placed 30 kg of Custom Bee Feed out on each site as we had using other supplements, using the bag-hanging method on a couple of sites and the bucket feeders on the other sites.

Bucket Feeders

Bag Hanging Method

What we saw was nothing short of incredible: within 24 hours the bees had taken all 30kg! We also noticed that the weak stings of the bees we took out turned nasty by the end of the first day of having Custom Bee Feed out. This was our first indication that the feed was having a positive effect.

12th April 2016

This trip out we took out concepts of commercial feeders due to the amount of feed we went through. We fenced it to stop the pigs and animals getting to the feeder and were able to put 100kg  into them to be able to handle the greater demand for feed uptake. We put 200kg per site and took the first round of honey off the hives. Bees took an average of 60kg per day of the feed.

AFTER 6 WEEKS – 4th May 2016

This trip out was to spend some time checking out the hives and see how they went. We were obviously gobsmacked as to how well the hives had flourished. The weakest of the hives we were sure we would lose had built up numbers and were taking in honey and storing it. The stronger hives had bees hanging off boxes and packed in lids. We went in to check brood and were astounded as to how well the queens were laying. We continued feeding the bees 100kg per site. This was every 3 weeks, and was consumed in 3 days. We also took a second round of honey from all the sites.

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